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Our methodology of solving problems is taking a straightforward and simple approach to machine design.  Machines that are built with simplicity in mind are easy to maintain, repair, and operate. 


When we design a machine or fixture for our customers we provide them with a complete documentation package which will include:

  • Complete Solid Model Design (Solidworks)

  • Fabrication Drawings

  • Electrical Schematics

  • Pneumatic Schematics

  • PLC Program

  • HMI Program

  • Documentation Binder & CD



We pride ourselves on being your one stop shop for Industrial Automation.  We have developed hundreds of custom pieces of machinery to fit our customer's needs.  Since our engineers are versed in all areas of automation; mechanical design, electro-mechanical design, pneumatic design, PLC / HMI programming, and drafting, we can deliver to you a custom solution in a short period of time.  Also, our engineers are trained machinists so that they will increase the manufacturability of the parts they design.  Our in-house CNC machine shop drastically reduces the time it takes to produce your piece of equipment and enables us to tightly control the manufacturing process.



Need a simple and repeatable fixture or tool  to help in your assembly, testing, or inspection process?  We can design and fabricate a repeatable tool that will improve your process. 


Reverse Engineering

Have a part that can no longer be purchased?  Do you need to replicate a machine and do not have any documentation?  We can reverse engineer the part or piece of equipment and provide you with a complete set of plans.



We have a complete suite of drafting software and can export to a format that fits your needs.  All that you have to provide is a simple line drawing and we can transform that into professional drawings or 3D models.


Control / Electrical Design

Whether it is a simple temperature controller or a complicated multi-axis control system, we can design it for you.  We will provide you with detailed and easy to read electrical schematics to better assist you in completing your automation project.

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Pneumatic Design

Automation typically incorporates pneumatics of some sort.  Since, air powered components are efficient and simple motion devices that deliver great performance at a low cost, they are an automation favorite.  Let our extensive experience with pneumatics help you by designing and providing schematics for your custom "air powered" project.

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PLC / HMI Programming

We are well versed in programming on multiple "Programmable Logic Controllers" and "Human Machine Interfaces".  A PLC is an electronic device that  takes all of your inputs (i.e. pushbuttons, switches, sensors) and, based on the programming, creates a resulting output (i.e. turn on light, turn off fan, turn on motor, measure temperature).  They can even handle more complicated motion control applications.  HMI's are programmable displays that relay system information to the operator.  They can even accept and transfer commands to the PLC.



We have a full service CNC machine shop that can accommodate your fabrication needs.  Machining services include:

  • 2 Axis CNC Milling
  • 3 Axis CNC Milling
  • CAM enabled CNC Programming (for machining complex geometry)
  • Manual Milling
  • Turning of up to 13" in diameter
  • Sawing
  • Drilling & Tapping

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